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Fence posts at affordable prices

Clôtures CDA offers a wide range of fence posts.

Located in Montreal, we can handle installation services for clients in Laval or throughout the North Shore.


Choosing our products and services guarantees reliability. Like our other accessories, our poles are selected to meet the highest standards. Manufacturers in Montreal and Laval have recognized this commitment to quality and now recommend us to their clients. With more than 27 years of industry experience, Clôtures CDA knows the ins-and-outs of fencing. With thousands of satisfied customers, we have worked on countless residential projects, including mansions.

Products selected to meet the highest quality standards

Are you looking to build a fence around your property or garden? We have the equipment you need! Clôtures CDA offers high-quality fence posts at the best prices. Perfect for new or renovation projects, our products are available in different sizes. As a support system for fencing, we guarantee poles that are strong and weather-resistant. We can work with wood, iron or PVC fences.

Fence posts to meet various height requirements

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11655 4e Avenue

Montréal QC H1E 3C2


(514) 613-4154