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Selling and installing iron fences

An iron fence adds character and charm to your property.


Choose from our sleek and strong iron fences! All of our projects address both the style and security of your property, protecting your children and pets. We offer a huge selection of options with all sorts of different patterns, each one more distinct than the next. From ornamental iron fences to wrought iron panels and iron gates... we can handle projects with various height and length requirements.

Enjoy an unlimited selection of fences

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We have a team especially dedicated to installing iron fences. Our skilled workers are trained to handle all aspects of the job! Detail-oriented, we work carefully and pay attention to every element. Furthermore, we have specialized equipment that can handle projects of any size. Whatever the goal may be (ie. to define a garden space, delineate your property or a daycare) we are the professionals to call. We work with clients in Montreal and on the city’s South Shore and North Shore.

Our specialized equipment can handle any type of work.

We respond quickly to all requests.


11655 4e Avenue

Montréal QC H1E 3C2


(514) 613-4154