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11655 4e Avenue Montréal QC H1E 3C2

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Landscaping professionals - Montreal

Clôtures CDA guarantees meticulous landscaping work that respects your personal preferences.

With more than 27 years of industry experience, we work closely with customers in Montreal and throughout the North Shore, especially Laval.


Treat yourself to a beautiful outdoor space! Trust our wonderful sense of style to handle all kinds of landscaping. We can set up your plants and garden in the most harmonious way possible. By listening carefully to your needs, we’ll transform your yard into a pleasant place to relax, any time of year.

We have a wonderful sense of style!

Paysagement Laval
Paysagement Montréal


As expert landscapers, our team handles every step of a project with care. If necessary, we can also perform any excavation work to prepare the ground and soil. Using innovative techniques and special equipment, we’ll shape the space to reflect your needs and desires. Create a garden path, install fences, renovate the front or back yard, etc., our wide skillset allows us to bring your wildest projects to life!

We use innovative techniques to bring your dream projects to life

Why we stand out:

  • Family approach and expertise
  • More than 27 years of experience
  • Special all-terrain equipment
  • A wide range of services
  • A team of skilled landscapers
  • A large work territory

Treat yourself to affordable quality landscaping.


11655 4e Avenue

Montréal QC H1E 3C2


(514) 613-4154