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Selling and installing ramps and balconies - Montreal

Based in Montreal, Clôtures CDA is a leader in the ramp and balcony industry.


To make the most of your new ramp or balcony, let us handle the installation. Our team of skilled and trained installers guarantees meticulous work! We use specialized equipment, allowing us to adapt to any type of worksite, even when space is restricted. Furthermore, all our products and services come with a warranty that includes after-sales service.

A team of skilled and trained installers

Rampe balcon    Laval
Rampe balcon  Montréal

For over 27 years, homeowners have relied on our team to install ramps and balconies. If you’re looking for this type of structure, call us! Our team pays attention to style and strength, and works closely with residential clients. We offer different types of products, of various measurements and materials, always at an affordable price. We work with clients in Montreal and on the city’s South Shore and North Shore.

Stylish and strong, our structures satisfy residential customers

Our experienced fencing consultants can answer all of your questions.


11655 4e Avenue

Montréal QC H1E 3C2


(514) 613-4154